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10-12-2012, 09:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Dats13DET View Post
Hey guys, I was on youtube last week and there was this guy who I was discussing the topic of Who has the best backhand in the league or who are in an elite group of their own. As a Wings fan, I took Datsyuk and the simple fact that I think his BHAND may be a little bit better than Sid's. There was this Pens fan who obviously took Crosby. He just claims Crosby's is far and way ahead of anyone else and Datsyuk's backhands are weak and powerless.

Me and him have been having an argument over the past while on who has a better backhand shot. All he's doing is firing insults at me to cover up his lack of facts. I told him of two sources on these boards that say Crosby's Backhand = Datsyuk's filled with poster comments that either agree, take Datsyuk or take crosby. It's pretty even. I consider this the public opinion. It's the only legitimate way to get an answer on which is better. He just continues to fire insults and be a typical 12 year old Pens fan. He also says that everybody thinks crosby's is better but refuses to listen to any reason.

Now, I'm asking what I should do. Should I just stop posting and let him think he's won and let him go on being an idiot? It's starting to seem like a huge waste of time to me now since there is no reasoning with this guy. Should I just make one more huge post to end everything and than just block him? Advice would be appreciated, Thanks.

Btw, This is the video link. The argument is in the comments, I'm TheVtotheROC. It seems as if I set myself up to deal with mindless fools because of the video title, don't you think?
I'd say Zetterberg may have a better backhand than Datsyuk, to be honest. Both of them are real good on their backhand though. Sid's got a great backhand as well. As far as determining whose is best, that's pretty much impossible to prove. Most people will probably take Crosby's side off of reputation alone, but the guy does have a nasty backhand with that flat blade of his. You can find really pretty backhand goals from all 3 of these guys in their highlight videos.

Don't think any of these guys are as good as Kariya was with his backhand, but that's just me.

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