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Originally Posted by Epictetus View Post
Please argue that; I would love to see it, especially because you want Edwin Jackson at a sickening contract.

That is my biggest argument. Yes, he has not declined in peripherals to such a massive degree but they are declining. I know people like certain players and falling in love with them takes objectivity away from the argument but the fact is he is not going to be getting any better. His performance is largely explainable by that loss in velocity which would hint that unless he eats his spinach and gains it back then he is likely to be what he was this year going forward.

In regards to Edwin Jackson, I "like" him because opposite of Haren, he has improving peripherals over the last 3 seasons. That would indicate that it is indeed possible to continue recent success and perhaps even improve upon it. When it comes to free agency and starting pitching every contract is "Sickening" Just look at last years free agency class.

C.J. Wilson 5 Years 77.5 (15.5)
Mark Buerhle 4 Years 58.0 (14.5)
Edwin Jackson 1 Year 11.0
Ryan Dempster 1 Year 11.0

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