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10-12-2012, 11:18 PM
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If memory serves Prado was over +500 the first time around, and that went all the way down to around +300 this time. I know nothing of consequence really happened in the first one, but I did not like what I saw. I have a feeling Prado TKO's Davis.

Wasn't a fan of Maldonado from what I saw at the weigh-ins. I know he has an impressive boxing record, but I hope Glover smokes him. He's pudgy as hell for 205. My guess is he drops to 185 after this to keep his job.

I see a lot of people talk about how much weight Anderson has to cut to make 205. If he weighed in at 202, the answer is zero. No one who is cutting weight ends up 3 pounds off. Looked a little pudgier than I remember him at the Forrest fight, but it ain't gonna matter.

Bonnar is going to get destroyed. I like the guy, but he has absolutely no chance here. He's like a 7 to 1 shot in terms of betting. That is absurd. He doesn't win this fight one out of seven times. More like one in a hundred. There's this idea of him being a tough brawler, great chin, never been knocked out, etc. Umm, Chris Leben anyone? What'd that last like a minute? The only chance he has is to put Anderson on his back, and open up a bad cut with an elbow. From the interviews I've heard, it sounds like he's gonna fight like he always does, and "give him hell". That is a recipe for disaster.

Also, while Bonnar looked jacked, he seemed to be really struggling at the weigh-in. My guess is he's on TRT now, and we saw what happened with that in the second Chael fight. The weight cut is too much, and the cardio suffers. In the first fight Chael had cardio for days (yes I know he was on TRT for that one too, but he didn't have the same muscle mass.). In the second fight he was a little more jacked, likely a tougher weight cut, and he was gassed after the first round. That's the last thing Bonnar needs. This one isn't gonna be pretty.

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