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Originally Posted by Grillinnap View Post
Hey guys, how do you guys clean your kits? Dry clean? I'm afraid that regular washing would ruin mine.
Modern kits are very well made; I wash mine with minimal soap, on gentle settings with 1-2 other identical color kits, and remove them from the washing machine immediately after they're done, but they don't get damaged.
Originally Posted by NyQuil View Post
It is interesting that fans are often wearing the latest kit in the stands.

In the NHL, there's a certain amount of cachet in having older jerseys.

Often the changes in football kit can be fairly incremental so I generally don't buy a new one unless the sponsor changes or there's a different look entirely.
The replica kit demographic in Europe and North America are totally different in my experience.

England, the United States, Korea and Japan buy a ton of replica kits up until the age of 30 or so, and almost always put a player name on the back. This year's kit blows last year's kit away in England.

No German adult would ever wear a replica kit, and teenagers/young adults rarely have a player name, but Germans wear tons of team licensed clothing -- polo shirts, baseball caps, sweatshirts, etc.

Eastern Europe -- Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania specifically -- are 100% scarf and flag cultures that wear team colors but almost never wear replica kits.

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