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10-12-2012, 11:37 PM
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Player By Player Analysis Vs. Plymouth

Max Domi: Great Game again. 1G 1A +1. Last year, Max kind of fell off after his hat trick opener. That seems to not be the case this year. Max did all the work for the Seth Griffith marker, fought through checks and nothing was going to stop Domi on that play.
Seth Griffith: Played great again. 1G 2A +1. Always is in the right spot at the right time.
Alex Broadhurst: Great Player. Hasn't stood out for me so far this season. Liked the overall balance of the team when Broadhurst played with Welychka.
Bo Horvat: Great game again from Bo Horvat. Horvat was a mainstay in front of the Whaler net. He was actually given an unusual amount of room screening in front.
Chris Tierney: Good game from Chris, had a couple weak plays. One that stood out to me was when Chris and Welychka were on the PK. Chris skated it out and tried to dangle around the Whaler D, did not happen and he lost the puck, should have just dumped it in. Great saucer pass to Bo Horvat to set up one of his two goals. Good game.
Josh Anderson: Liked his game as well. Did all the small things right.
Ryan Rupert: Same Ryan Rupert. Referee's all have his number. 6 penalty minutes. Played 3 shifts that were WAY too long at almost 2 minutes per shift.
Matt Rupert: Same Matt Rupert. Effective at blocking shots. Hardest working Knight in my opinion.Played 3 shifts that were WAY too long at almost 2 minutes per shift.
Brett Welychka:Effective penalty killing. If he's going to play on the Rupert line, I believe he is going to have to start throwing his weight around some more. I would still like to see him with Broadhurst in order to increase productivity out of both players. Played 3 shifts that were WAY too long at almost 2 minutes per shift.
Adam Restoule: Great game. Played some time with Horvat and Tierney. Adam seems to have used all of his sniping abilities up in the first game. Kid tried so hard to get a goal against his former whalers. Great game.
Kyle Platzer: Solid game again. Really like this kids play. Forcing turnovers and working to get the puck back. Needs to stay on his feet a little more.
Remi Elie: Best game i've seen him play. Seemed to have his head on straighter. Good Game.

Tyler Ferry: Meh.
Scott Harrington: Solid. There were a couple times where Alex Aleardi was able to dangle around players and Harrington was right there to say "Not gunna happen"
Kevin Raine: Playing with intensity. Just not quite at the "Freight Train Raine" level quite yet. Nonetheless Solid.
Nikita Zadorov: I like. Boomer slap shot that I had never seen before, I mean, It was a Rocket. Always looking to be physical which is unusual to see in imports.
Tommy Hughes: Went under the radar. Didn't do anything spectacular, didn't make mistakes. Solid game.
Oli Maatta: Couple times his pocket was picked but he always worked to get the puck back. Looked a bit uneasy but can't say he did anything wrong.

Kevin Bailie: Wow! If you guys aren't on board what will it take? I spoke to Bill Dark about him. He just smiled and said "He's freaky good." Stopped 42/43. I believe, while he may lack a bit of positioning, his mobility and lateral movement stood out for me. Unbelievable game from Kevin Bailie. Jump on guys!

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