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10-13-2012, 12:08 AM
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Originally Posted by WetHog View Post
It was the kids first full season in the majors, coming off TJ surgery at that, sitting him was the right decision.
Was it? How can anyone possibly know that? Strasburg could go on to pitch for the next 15 years or he could walk out on opening day next year and blow out his elbow on the first pitch. He could blow it out 2 years down the road. Regardless of what happens, there will never be any way of proving that shutting him down in the midst of a playoff run was the right call. The only thing it does is beg the question of what could've been had he pitched.

Originally Posted by Capitlols View Post
Blaming the ump seriously? He had a tight, but fair strike zone the entire game. Better question is why were the Nats pitchers nibbling even when they had a 6 run lead.
This. Too much ************ around the plate from Gonzalez and Storen both.

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