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10-13-2012, 01:18 AM
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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
He's having a good game tonight, I especially liked that give and go on his goal. He seems like a pretty good prospect whenever I watch him. Doesn't necessarily dominate the play, not one of these guys who the puck seems to follow around, but he has a great shot, he's a good skater, he plays hard, and he goes to the danger areas. I like him quite a bit, but I'm definitely not THIS enthusiastic:

I don't see him as a big time star in the NHL, I highly doubt he'll go top 5 this year and don't think he's a lock to go top 10 (possible, but not a lock IMO), but he's a good player who does a lot of things right. I could see him being quite a good 2nd line centre if he pans out, but I'd be surprised if he turns into a good 1st line centre. He could also easily end up on the wing.

While we're throwing out comparisons, I guess he reminds me the most of Kesler, except a couple inches shorter and not as blazingly fast (good speed, but not as fast as Kesler).
Kesler is a whiny *****, diver and cheap shot artist. Lazar is none of those things. He plays an honest game and he plays hard. He is very fast, I dont know if I would compare him to Kesler in that regard, but he is just a kid and Kesler is a full grown man.

Ive watched him live lots over the last two years and am confident in my assessment. I may be a little optimistic, but he has the skills, the attitude (both on and off the ice), is strong on his feet, can fight, is good defensively, can hit, and has a very good shot with a very quick release.

All of that is gold to scouts. Add in the fact he is a center, who can also play wing and it makes the package even sweeter.

If he can put together a forty goal season (I think he can) he will be in the conversation for a top ten pick imo.

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