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10-13-2012, 02:00 AM
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Originally Posted by JAX View Post
And that's why I thought at first but I think Fehr is a master manipulator and really has these guys dupped. I think the year is gone but this time the players won't fold I actually think if they go the year this time they will be out for blood and Fehr will easily go 2 years to "win"
I do think that if Fehr goes for 2 that he will be surprised.

I could see GB going with a counter for year 2. Sign before Sept. 15 or season 2 is toast. Fehr will have a huge issue with the lower end as 2 years much less one will close out a LOT of careers. If the older guys are still voting . . .

I also see the long lockout as making it even more certain that linkage will be retained and would not be surprised to see the league become more intractable about a higher percentage for owners as a lot of their expenses are fixed and will suffer with a lower total HRR.

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