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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Miles & miles away. Couldnt care less what they do. Its a mid-sized US market with which the city of Toronto shares nothing. But, BUT, you drop a team in Hamilton, that dynamic changes. With that bridge, easier to identify. Especially so if through realignment there grouped in the same Division. Savvy?

B) So, Buffalo sells 99.8% of their tickets already do they? Sounds pretty healthy to me. Now imagine a situation whereby Hamilton, Toronto & Markham visit 3X's or more per year per team driving the cost per ducat through the roof, Buffalo able to charge more. Follow?

C) No, they wont hurt Buffalo. They wont hurt the Sabres. On the contrary. They will help that franchise in addition to the Canadian, Great Lakes US, indeed, the rest of the league as right out of the box, money-making machines.
A) That still makes no sense to me.

B) Buffalo has dynamic pricing, based on the day of game and the opponent. They've set their prices pretty much according to what the market will bear. And they've actually discovered that opponent is the LEAST of the variables important to the attendance. One of their few non-sellouts came against the Leafs a few years back, because of the day and time of the game; which the Sabres have zero control over.

C) That's more money for Hamilton; and Markham, who we also just added in there (and if we did, would require someone sliding to the West either negating the alleged positives of adding the team in the first place unless Pittsburgh is headed West). Either way, expansion lowers the number of games vs the teams in the division according to the 4x8 realignment plan where you place everyone twice.

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