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10-13-2012, 03:17 AM
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was at the game tonight, 12 rows off the ice. disappointed i drove so damn far for a loss but i enjoyed my first AHL game. you guys have been touching on some things already but some notes:

christian thomas was invisible. if you told me he didn't play tonight i would have believed it. the guy cannot handle the physicality of the AHL level and there are people on this board who think he's at an NHL level today? give me a break. andrew yogan was also a disappointment tonight, didn't look to be involved at all.

newbury is an obvious fan favorite and made a lot of good things happen for the team tonight. i've seen enough of him on the rangers to know he's not an NHL player but he really impressed me tonight and i can see why they it seems like he ends up in the NHL lineup at least once a year.

the defense was bad. like...REALLY bad. i can't even put it into words. it was horrendous. they couldn't clear the zone, sloppy turnovers, everything went wrong. klassen was the worst of the terrible D. gilroy looked awful, like he didn't even belong on the ice. sam collins was the only guy on D who looked like he had any sort of talent, and even his game was pretty average. gilroy looks like he doesn't know what position he plays. i don't trust ANYONE on this defense. add in the fact that missiaen might as well have been a garbage can in the 2nd and it explains the 6 goal night. honestly, i thought missiaen played a great first period and seeing it all fall apart for him was mindblowing.

kreider made things happen but couldn't put the puck in the net. he looked bored honestly, he looked tonight like he did early on last year at college. even though i didn't think he looked great i wouldn't worry about him.

kyle jean has been the best whale player since the summer scrimmages. everything i've seen from him is impressive and he was great tonight, absolutely the best player on the ice. the lines he ended up with (i believe he played mostly with segal and the left winger was getting subbed throughout) gave him no help and he still managed to facilitate offense by himself. very impressed by this kid.

the other guy i was really impressed with was kelsey tessier. played a really balanced 2-way game all night. no big plays on either end, but he was great on the PK and just looked like the solid grind-it-out type player the rangers were obviously hoping he would be.

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