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Originally Posted by Czech Your Math View Post
I'm actually surprised at the amount of support for Hasek as possibly the best goalie of all time. First, I don't value team success in the playoffs as supremely as many seem to, but if there is one position where one might expect the GOAT to have a large dose of such success, it would be goalie. Second, there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding Hasek, both in regards to his pre-NHL and early NHL career and his reliablity with more than one team.

It sort of puzzles me how quickly some are to attest to Hasek being perhaps the best goalie ever (and Lidstrom possibly as good as any d-man besides Orr in the minds of many)... and yet most still place Jagr behind Hull, Beliveau, Richard, etc. In fact, he has to fight for a place in the top 10 forwards on many (perhaps most) lists. That seems like a stark difference, given that neither was part of a dynasty... and Jagr's "dark period" was maybe a couple years with the Caps after the Pens' situation didn't allow them to field a competitive team... while Hasek seemed to have some questionable situations arise with more than one organization. I certainly don't see Hasek as a superior playoff performer, having a better international record, being a better leader or team player, nor having more durability or longevity. I just don't see where there's such a large gap in Hasek's favor. Sure, Hasek had an incredible peak/short prime, but then so did Jagr, so again I'm curious why does there seem to be such a disparity?

It's not that I disagree with Hasek being possibly considered the best goalie ever. He certainly at least deserves consideration IMO. It's the difference in perception and resulting rankings that is a bit mystifying.
Basically. Jagr gets trashed for putting his own style and stats over his team in Washington. Rightfully so in my opinion; I know we disagree there.

But Hasek seems to get off scott free. At least Jagr could be counted on to SHOW UP in the playoffs, warts and all. If Hasek felt he was injured, he'd shut himself down for the season and not even try to come back. It's well documented how he was cleared by the Buffalo team doctor to play the second round of the 1997 playoffs and refused. But he also didn't exactly bust his ass to come back from injury in 2004 or 2006, either.

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