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10-13-2012, 07:41 AM
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i remember as a kid, when derian was just coming into his own, that everyone referred to derian as kevin's little brother. then by the time kevin was traded for zubov, kevin was derian's older brother. i loved having them both on dallas for a little bit, and i really like both players.

i think kevin gets a bit of a bad wrap that isn't entirely deserved. i don't think he became "hollywood" exactly. he had the same mentality that most offensive defensemen have, especially in the era that he played.

his conditioning wasn't the greatest, and as he aged, his weight really caught up to him and his tools faded fast because of it. but i think most of his negative attributes are only magnified by what derian turned into.

kevin lacked derian's pure hatred of the opposition. they look so similar in the face and in stature, but kevin had the personality of a hockey player, while derian had the mentality of a serial killer. that hatred, for lack of a better word, is what turned derian into such an effective defensive defenseman, leader, and hitter. kevin focused more on the offensive game, despite his body.

i don't think kevin was really all that more talented offensively than derian either. it all just boiled down to the style of game they chose to play with the tools they were given. kevin coming into the league closer to the firewagon hockey era probaby had something to do with that. derian coming into the deadpuck era, in contrast.

i think if you took derian's brain and put it in kevin's body, you'd end up with derian hatcher, an inch shorter, with dark hair.

derian just chose the left-hand path, and kevin the right.

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