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05-11-2006, 05:37 PM
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I find it amazing that people will dig so deep to try to prove that a player they don't like, let's use Ribeiro as an example, is somehow the worst player on earth. Here's what I see in this thread:

"All he has is talent."
Last time I checked, you need talent to play in this game. There's a huge bias on this board for players who are (a) too young to really play in the NHL, and/or (b) put up zero offense but throw hits and generally try hard. Aaron Downey is the perfect example. Has no business whatsoever being on an NHL team and has zero talent, but tries hard and gives out potatoes, so people love him.

That's fine and everything, but last time I checked, talent is the main ingredient you need in order to play hockey. You need talent on your team. You can get by just fine without potatoes. Habs had awful drafts throughout the 90's always trying to pick the "character" guy, or a big guy, or the hard-working guy. That got us Lindsey Vallis, Turner Stevenson, and Terry Ryan. Since A Savard showed up, the #1 thing he looks for is talent. And suddenly we actually have decent young players and prospects. You can't teach talent, you either have it or you don't. Ribeiro has it.

"He's horrible at faceoffs"
Over 50% in the playoffs. He also has a coach who was a master at the faceoff circle and should teach him a few things.

"Is awful defensively because he has a bad +/-"
Hogwash. If you go by that, then he was a defensive phenom in 2003-04 because he had a great +/-. If anyone watched the last 30 games of the season plus the playoffs, Ribs is doing alright in his own zone. Won't win the Selke, but he backchecks, knows what to do, and puts in the effort.

For those keeping track, Ribs was +9 in the last 31 games of the season, and +1 in the playoffs. Hardly indicative of a horrible defensive player. The whole team took a hit in the +/- this year because Theodore stunk out the joint.

"We'd be better off without him"
Yes, ditch him for nothing. If you can't replace him with someone better, then don't get rid of him. And don't say Plekanec. If you replace Ribs with Plekanec, then you have to replace Plekanec with someone else and you create a huge hole in a team that's already weak at centre.

"You can't win a Stanley Cup with Ribeiro as your #2 centre"
Montreal already won a Stanley Cup with Stephan Lebeau as their #2 centre. I don't see where it says in the rulebook that your second line centre has to be 6'5", 220 lbs, lightning fast, great at faceoffs, a Selke finalist and a huge hitter otherwise you are disqualified.

"Ribeiro was 123rd in scoring this year, he's not a 2nd line centre".
Don't let math get the better of you. 11 defensemen were ahead of him in scoring, so let's say # 112 for forwards. Out of 30 teams, that puts him in the category of being the 4th leading forward on the average team, which of course is where he was with Montreal, and fits in with where a second line player should be (in the 91-180 section of the league scoring standings).

And if we only go buy his rank in the league, he was 10th amongst centres the year before, so by that argument I guess he was in the upper half of #1 centres that year.

Enough already. Bob isn't gonna trade him for Lecavalier. Get used to #71, he'll be back again next year.

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