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I am going to rate this game pretty harshly because it really is disappointing. There are some real bright spots that I loved and kept me coming back to finish the game, but a lot of emptiness as well:

The good:

I've always loved id Software games, and they still have gunplay and weapon selection feeling great. Every gun really does feel like it has a purpose, and is fun to unload on fools. I especially loved the wingstick!

Also, as much as I thought I wouldn't, I thoroughly enjoyed car travel to each mission, and in races and things. The controls felt great even though I was using my keyboard and mouse setup.

Graphics/animation were also top notch, even though for some strange reason I had to disable the "Texture Detail" setting in order to get a smooth experience, despite having just built my rig with 3770k, 8gb of RAM, and SLI GTX680s (I've seen other 680 owners complain about this as well).

The bad:

The story is god awful. From the beginning cut scene, it seems as though it may have some potential, and the first few people you interact with are all interesting characters well voice acted (as are all characters in the game). But after a couple times walking through each little "town", everyone feels like a cardboard cutout. Every subsequent plot point feels like a generic ripoff of half life 2, and never gives me any emotional involvement in the game, which is a huge part of game enjoyment for me. I feel as though id could have made a 100x better game if they had started with an engrossing story that they could portray with all their fancy technology and great gunplay; this feels like they spent all their time on the engine, threw in their guns, and grafted a story on.

Finally, I feel the lack of an FPS multiplayer component is a huge missed opportunity. I mentioned several times how id still "has it" when it comes to gun selection, gun balancing, and the enjoyment of just tearing through enemies. Why not just give the fans what they want and make a great multiplayer fps experience out of it? Could a community have been built around it? I'm not sure, but id Software has certainly managed to do it in the past.

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