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10-13-2012, 08:27 AM
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Originally Posted by cupcrazyman View Post
Very telling piece Paul. Thanks for getting that out there as its nice to hear the owners speak openly about their frustrations. Brings light to the entire situation.

Future sounds pretty bleak but it's nice to hear that their priority is to keep the team in Sarnia.

I thought this comment was interesting,

"With all the injuries (last year over 300 man-games lost), we had to make moves that, in retrospect, I wish we didn't. But at the time everyone thought they were the right move to make"

Sounds like their deficit forced their hand to make a few trades (Kujo) that they'd otherwise not make if they desperately didn't NEED a long playoff run. It's too bad that they got the worst of both worlds - poor playoff success AND losing quality future assets in doing so

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