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Originally Posted by TheBunk View Post
Actually, there is:

The author does a great job at maintaining balance but does show evidence of how there can be a clutch performer in sports. The author gives the mentally and the physiological strains on a high stakes game, or playoff, or Olympic event and says that that there is a clutch is the opposite of choking.

Good article by an academic articulating the difference of a regular season prep to a playoff one. Clearly showing that stress, pressure, media, spotlight, and all sorts of intangibles can effect a players game. His job? To ensure that that the player is physically and mentally ready. Like the aforementioned article stated, a persons mind and body optimal stress reflect can be the difference between a players best game and their worst game.

A good unbiased article of the mystery of clutch performers. The point I like in this one that is that ones response to stress (i.e. playoffs, Olympics) is related to skill set and experience. I think that is extremely important. This combined with mental and physical preparation can show that there can be such thing as a clutch performer. To rely of stats like PPG is fine, but there are intangibles that obviously can't be calculated, like passion, confidence, experience, etc. These need to be considered. Oh, and the reason why I picked Claude Lemieux in the playoffs was not because of his PPG (he did win the Conn Smyth one year), it was because he had the 'X' factor to raise his teammates up as well. You knew that a role player like him stepped up and during his prime he WAS money in the playoffs.
Nice articles. I voted for clutch. I remeber reading something similiar about Tiger Woods back in his heyday. IMO best historical example was Michael Jordan.

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