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10-13-2012, 10:48 AM
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Battle of the hill!

Originally Posted by STUTOMMIES View Post
Coach Ryan was not happy with the effort the guys put in last night and felt they were all over the place. I thought they looked better than last year for sure but the coach makes a point. You can't play UNB and not stick to the system and minimize any and all mistakes.

Ryan is faced with the daunting task of pushing his players as far as possible (however far that is) without it being too far because he has nothing in reserve. No option of inserting Salatiro for Bryce Swan or sitting Ben Wright and inserting option B into the line-up.

With all the above said, they are noticeably better, IMO. The top two defense pairings were able to get the puck out to the neutral zone regularly, last year they could not. It may not sound like a big deal but over the course of a whole season if you are playing on the other side of your blueline for 3 minutes a game the teams GAA will come down for sure.

Groenheyde looked really good in the STU net. 4 of the 5 goals he had no chance at all and were pretty plays by a skilled UNB team. Granted some credit has to be given to the STU skaters for turnovers/misplays.

All and all, there is hope.

I was a thousand miles away from the action but it sounds like STU stayed with the Red Devils for two periods but did not exactly play as wishes by coach that is good news in that IMPROVEMENT is possible.
I believe that the Tommies able to play with EVERYONE in the league which makes for an exciting season.

Acadia out shot X badly and lost,my early predictions about standings are still beld bh me ans expect to see a log jam from 4 th place to 8 the ans some great hockey, a capacity crowd at the Aiken Centre must have been electric.


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