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10-13-2012, 09:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Sshrags View Post

You noted on the news post that this is the last cycle for Qualified FA's.

Can you elaborate. I thought you were referring to the FREE AGENT listing, but i don't have access to that list online. so now i'm thinking that you are referring to something else.

I just don't want to miss out, so if you can explain in further detail, i'd appreciate it.

I didn't actually post anything. I assume it was an automated message by GM connected. As soon as I am online I'll check it out.

As for the glitching, guys, as long as you aren't doing the same move over, and over, and over (ie: 99% of the time) hte onus lies on the defending team to put in place a reasonable tactic to stop you.

If you gain the zone, and take a crap shot 99% of the time hoping for the rebound or trying a wrap around, that's kinda gross, but if you are mixing it up I see no problem with it.

It's definitely not up to the player that is scoring goals to ease up, or change his tactics if the defending player cannot properly defend his zone.

Of course every case is different, but before we accuse others of cheesing, try changing up your defense.

If the guy truly is doing the same thing over and over, it should be pretty predictable and therefor easy to stop once you see the pattern.

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