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Originally Posted by PdashOw View Post
More or less, yes. As was stated in the intro, the whole thing came out of the issue about parking. When I spoke with him about his rationale for that, the interview just kept going as these other things came up. There were times when I could have turned the conversation to on-ice stuff (such as with the line Dean Youngblood brought up), but I chose to keep it to the economic side and asking questions about that.

There was some stuff about on ice (a lengthy section where we discussed balancing the need to cut spending with the need to field a competitive team, for example) that got cut for length (the piece is already 1700-1800 words), but in general, I tried to keep it about the economics of the team. I didn't want to get sidetracked too far discussing a "Kujawinski trade" or something and not be able to get back to talking about the money or whatever.
Good article,they should have done this article BEFORE trying to implement all the changes such as parking etc.Not sure city council will catch on the financial benefit of this team to the city.At the same time management knew what they were signing when they agreed to the RBC center.An organization is only as good as the people around it.I sent off some emails to different personnel at the RBC to try to offer some positive comments to help them make more money with little or no additional expense and never received a single email back.Hard to soar with the eagles when you fly with the turkeys.

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