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10-13-2012, 11:59 AM
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We can do THIS!!!!

I am soo annoyed that we the fans have no voice in this lockout. HF is the perfect venue to find a way to start something that really shows the NHL/NHLPA how we feel. HF has fans of every club in every city and IMO what we need is a show of force. Say a mass protest where someone in each NHL market takes the reigns and organizes a protest in their city all on the same day. Maybe the day of the Winter classic if no deal reached by then. Just look at what the "call" did for the NFL, I bet this would have a new CBA in a week. First off we need fans in each city to be willing to re-post in the individual team threads and from there a fan or coalition of fans in each city get the word out. I think doing it at each arena would be the easiest for organizational purposes. Also IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THIS CAN'T BE ABOUT WHAT SIDE YOU SUPPORT BUT ABOUT ENDING THE LOCKOUT!!