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Originally Posted by Captain_Cunney View Post
That argument falls into the mma math equation that we all know doesn't work. This is also the guy who gave Bones one of his toughest fights to date, see what I did there....

While Forrest is a better fighter than Bonnar, he's a totally different fighter. The biggest difference is that Bonnar has a better beard which is a big aspect of this matchup & he actually uses his ground game in an offensive manner.

Forrest has this excellent ground game that he never uses, he did put away Shogun when he was gassed...

And Forrest fought a stupid fight, the same Forrest who hasn't looked good since. He was beat befor he stepped in the octagon that night.
Its not MMAmath, its a snapshot of where guys are at in their career. Bonnar gave Jones a test when Jones was7 or 8 fights into his career, its not like that was a recent fight. Bonnar lost to Coleman when Coleman was old and could barely move.

Forrest hasn't been the same since the Silva fight? He's 3-1 with his only loss being to Shogun. True 2 of those wins were over Tito and were close, but he had previously lost to him so its hard to say he hasn't looked good since then. He also beat Franklin which is a task I think Bonnar would have a ton of trouble with.

And Bonnar's BJJ game has been ridiculously over-rated by people. The guy has subbed like 1 guy in his last 10 fights, including many fights against lower-tier UFC LHW's. This isn't Demian Maia we are talking about here.

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