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12-06-2003, 08:00 PM
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Pahlsson and a 3rd for Parrish, that's laughable. A 4th line forward and a decent pick for a 25+ goal man. Ya, that's gonna happen.
I'm pretty sure many GMs would've gave up something decent for Jason Weimer, but he went on waivers. Mad Mike is vulnerable at any trades. Parrish has a huge contract, and is not producing. Fact is, if no one will take Parrish, Mad Mike will either take a deal like that or put him on waivers. I never said that was correct value-wise, I said it would be something Milbury would be eventually forced into.

but then you go and say you wouldn't give up McDonald to get Comrie.
Not exactly what I meant, but okay. I meant not trade Andy Mac in a deal to get Comrie. As part of a package. Straight up, yeah I'd do it. But I don't know if I would considering the conditions. McDonald can play win, that's proven. Comrie can't. McDonald's doing just fine now, maybe thats why I said that. It also tends to be the type of trade that comes back and bites you in the ass. But value-wise, I'd do it in a heart-beat.

He's a marginal 2nd liner at best, nothing more. You seem to think he's got 1st line written all over him which just isn't the case.
Marginal second liner? He's been good on the Ducks first so far I've seen. And, I've heard from other people, not just Duck fans, that have said McDonald has the potential to get 60 points, even and especially this year. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is that not good enough for the first line? If not according to you, then you got some high standards.

And as for Giguere (who's name is Jean-SEBASTIEN Giguere, if you're going to rip someone for spelling a name wrong then maybe you should get it right),
My "b" don't work right, okay? I was in a bit of a rush, and was typing really fast. I know I looked like a jerk, but I thought I'd point it out. One I noticed it, too late.

at this point he is a one year wonder
One year wonder is has one SOLID season, and is pure crap after that. Giguere has THREE solid seasons, and even though this one hasn't been great, his numbers aren't crap. He usually turns it up after now anyway. It'll be fun to watch.

After the playoffs everyone was calling this guy Patrick Roy. There were alot of people out there that knew he hadn't proven anything yet, and it's showing this year.
In 01-02, the Ducks were terrible. And yet, this guy put up better numbers that the guy who raised the cup. And after last season, where he once again put up stellar numbers on a not-so-stellar Ducks team, that's proving a bit to me. As for the Roy comments after playoffs, just bandwagonners. Those who aren't knew Jiggy was going to do great. I've always had Jiggy on my Ducks team on the EA Sports games since he joined the Ducks. I was pissed at Sports Illustrated for calling Tommy Salo to most underrated, while Jiggy was thought to be one of the worst. I knew if the Ducks got passed the Dead Things, it'd be cause of him. I also know he's proven enough, and if he was some one year wonder, Gerber wouldn't be riding pine right now.

Also, though Parrish has accomplished more, and is regarded better than Andy Mac(even by my fellow Duck fans), you heard it here first that Andy McDonald will finish with more points than Mark Parrish. If Parrish becomes a Duck though, it depends where they put them. If Andy Mac goes to the third line and Parrish is starting, that can change. If not, it'll all depend.

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