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10-13-2012, 01:06 PM
Ricky Bobby
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Originally Posted by MastuhNinks View Post
Top 30 in scoring among centers for 2 years in a row = average 2nd liner

As a Leafs fan I can honestly say he is only an average 2nd liner.

Grabo has also barely missed any games the last two seasons which has helped his place in the scoring standings unlike superior centers like Zajac, J. Staal, Backstrom, M. Koivu.

Yes, he gets a decent amount of points but even on a bad team somebody has to score. Grabo has been put into an offensive role with minimal defensive responsibilities unlike some other centers who are much more difficult to play and score less because of the role they have been put into. Guys like Bolland, Berglund, Richards.

Grabo belongs in the same class of player as guys like Jokinen and Wheeler who are average 2nd liner. Guys who can be in that 50-65 point range but who also aren't overly difficult players to play against.

The whole Grabo has heart think also is overhyped. Yes, it's great that he wears his heart on his sleeve which makes him a fan favourite but as for the actual impact that has on winning it's minimal.

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