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10-13-2012, 01:15 PM
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Originally Posted by hullsy47 View Post
well i think most fans are leery about going to the game where u get beat 5-0 .......the product is expensive ,and when u add in major league prices for everything else ......u can watch it in a bar for 35 -40 bucks and save the chance of seeing mediocre hockey
they ll be a few games of sub 5000 fans .....especially if the tigers play on thursday nite ...
but ive noticed alot more freebies around so attendance will be sketchy till the spits identify themselves as a contender or cannon fodder
I'm trying to do the math here:

Spits ticket - $20
drink - $8
Food - $8

Isn't that still 35-40? How would watching in a bar be cheaper?

Prices aren't that far off the rest of the league. People want Windsor Arena prices and a golden team. Sometimes, you won't get it all. We were spoiled, let's not forget that.

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