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Originally Posted by Czech Your Math View Post
Yeah, that's basically what I was stepping around... he's bat$h** crazy... but then goalies tend to be. I mean look at his fellow top 7 GOAT goalies: a depressed drunk who died due to a fight with his roommate... a goalie who had some of his best years playing without a mask, until he invented the thing... one who threw up before each game and couldn't immediately see the benefit of having a piece of fiberglass between the puck and his face... one who at his absolute peak with a great dynasty, decided to take sabbaticals, and thought being a lawyer/politician may be better than being a pro athlete... another known for his extreme temper... and finally a goalie referred to "Uncle Daddy", because he couldn't keep it in his pants, but decided it was best to keep it all in the (his wife's) family. Nice collection there. Plante is the only one who seemed saner than the average bear, maybe Dryden as well. Hall and Brodeur about average. Sawchuk, Hasek and Roy... looney tunes!
You forgot "Crazy Eddie"

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