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10-13-2012, 02:15 PM
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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
irrelevant : Cube has a ONE year contract the year the NHL is in lockout...
Considering they signed Bouillon this summer, it's highly likely that they actually wanted him to have a spot.

If the lockout ends, I can't actually see the team waive Bouillon. I mean, they certainly didn't sign him just so he could take 1M of cap room, right? Waiving Bouillon to keep Weber makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER, because if they didn't want Bouillon, they just wouldn't have signed him.

If Cube signed a 3 year deal two years ago, and there was only 1 year left on its deal, the theory of waiving Bouillon would make sense. Considering the fact Weber WAS with the team WHEN they signed Bouillon, Weber's status was something that Bergevin had thought about.

On the other hand, I'm just not sure Weber will ever be back in North America... especially if the lockout lasts for the whole season. If he DOES come back, he probably has to beat Diaz and Kaberle, who BOTH have new and/or multi-year deals for a roster spot. In other words, unless the team is REALLY stuck with the cap and has to get rid of Kaberle, Weber WON'T beat them for a spot, and even if he does, he'll probably won't get the spot anyways. Thus, if not waived, Weber ends up being the 8th D-Men / 14th forward; even then, Bergevin will probably have to explain (first, to himself; second, to this coach) why exactly he prefers Weber to St-Denis, a more reliable player whenever puck control is a good thing -- in other words, in EVERY situation. St-Denis is in Hamilton and doesn't have to pass through waivers at this point, and I pretty much suppose St-Denis will spend the whole year in Hamilton, unless an injury occurs. So, with St-Denis in the minors due to technical reasons, Weber is, at best, the 8thD / 14th D on the pecking order. In other words : he's going straight back to Switzerland.

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