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10-13-2012, 02:49 PM
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Originally Posted by SenacusMaximus View Post
Yes, but I was only referring to the fact that he said Saskatoon was 3/4 the size of Oshawa; nothing beyond that.
It depends - I think the census metro population for Oshawa is bigger than Saskatoon b/c it would include Whitby and Clarington.

This puts Oshawa at 356,000 and Saskatoon at 260,000.

In any event, Saskatoon would not be an appropriate place for an NHL team...that's for sure. Neither would Halifax for that matter.

The next team should go to Quebec. After depends. I would like to see one in the GTA or at least SW Ontario. I guess it depends what the Leafs (and maybe Buffalo)...b/c otherwise they may end up in an ugly fight over territory rights...I know before MLSE said a team couldn't come here w/o their permission...and the NHL said one could - so it might not be easy if the Leafs kick up a fuss

Why is the lower mainland never mentioned for another team? ... too small to support 2?

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