Thread: Prospect Info: 2012-2013 Prospect Talk PART IV
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10-13-2012, 03:44 PM
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Originally Posted by maplehawk View Post
just stopping in to say reinhart looked really good last night. his ability to stand up at the line and keep pucks in is amazing to watch.

for being such a large kid, he relies heavily on nice stick work to poke pucks away/keep guys to the outside which isn't a bad thing. i see people saying "he's so big, but he doesn't use his size"...what does it matter? a nice poke with the stick is just as effective and can more easily start a counter attack the other way. also worth noting is that he DOES use his size if he's out of other options - it's not as if he's afraid of contact.

his offensive game seemed pretty straight forward - either fire it from the point or send it back deep. not a whole lot of creativity but im not sure that's what he was drafted for anyway.
Thanks for the info. He is the one high profile Isles prospect I have yet to see much of. I saw him in the Memorial Cup before we drafted him and he didn't stand out. I think NHL Netork is replaying his game tonight. I will be recording it. Good to hear he is playing good d.

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