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Originally Posted by Drydenwasthebest View Post
Fehr didn't want to negotiate last year because he wants to put himself in the strongest negotiating point he can in order to try and force the owners into the conciliations he wants. The problem is that he didn't think that the owners would have the resolve to go through another long lockout.

Of course he also wanted the owners to negotiate while letting the players play because he knew that the players' position would get stronger the closer the games got to the playoffs. It was a foolish hope that the players could play and get paid from an existing CBA that the owners want changed. It would give the players too much leverage. Fehr has made a lot of mistakes in this negotiation, already. I feel for those everyday players who won't get paid and will possibly lose their jobs because of these negotiations, but I feel more for those people whose livelihoods are detrimentally affected by this foolish game of financial chicken.

Meh, as stated, I side with the owners because the current conditions do not make for a fair partnership. In this I fully agree with Bobby Dollas and many others in the hockey world who feel this way.
And I agree with this post (and the others that you have made on this thread as well. )

Donald Fehr went out of his way to blow things up at MLB. It took a long time for the fans to come back and support Major League Baseball. He is taking the same approach with the NHL. He has a winner take all approach (for himself) and has no regards for the people who are really being hurt the most by this.........the ordinary workers at arenas and the people who work in marketing and other support roles for the teams.

The players are forced to engage in a herd mentality..........whether they agree with Fehr or not. And there will be a lot of NHL players who will see this lockout as the end of their career because of the hardball played by Fehr. But they have to be good members of the herd.

Sad. Fehr is living up to his reputation, earning his cred as a tough son of a ***** and is ensuring this will be a lost season. And he will be paid handsomely for his efforts.

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