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Originally Posted by AndyPipkin View Post
Oh please. We all love seeing a huge hit in football, a knockout or a broken bone in combat sports, a crash in car racing.

Tell me you didn't love it when Volpatti KO'd Winchester or when Rypien ragdolled Clune?

Hyperbole much?
"Oh please" yourself.

Visually, it's what it looks like and is very unsettling to me, especially with sports fans yelling "Yeeaah!! That's what it's all about!" on top of it. That's all I'm saying. You can't oh please someone for reacting the way they're going to react. I didn't make any sort of a statement besides that.

I'd say any thrill I get from that dissipates the minute you see that sort of visual. I don't mean when someone's visibly hurt, but when their face all trembly, paralyzed, and out of it. It's creepy.

When Rypien ragdolled Clune, he looked fine afterwards and pissed off that he was made to look like a fool. Totally different.

Zero hyperbole. It's a description of what it looks like.

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