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Originally Posted by Vankiller Whale View Post
Why not? By what measure would you say he isn't a top goalie? I have never heard amyone say that. I've heard "overrated" or "choker", but no one denies he's an excellent goaltender(except you).
He's just not a Top5 Goalie and is around 8-12 by what people prefer.

this has just not much to do with his worth in a trade market. I think you know about supply and demand.

Maybe you should take some time and think about all the teams that really would need a goalie for whatever reason

Isles (not for next season with Nabby and a right now healthy DiPi - only matter of time until he will be out again)
maybe Panthers but they would be stupid with 2 NHLers and Markstrom waiting
maybe Oilers - something Gillis would never allow to happen. Could hurt them more than a deal to the Hawks

that's it. Not really a long list. Not sure if Luongo would even waive for the Isles which limits the list again.

I haven't asked for Hossa(in this thread at least). All I've said is that Luongo has similar value to Hossa.
now you have a difference to this sentence you made... about 25-29 teams would show interest in Hossa. About 25-29 would make an offer and the bidding war would be much much better for the Hawks. This alone gives Hossa a better TRADE WORTH. Supply and demand again here

Next up, all of those teams have goalies under contract that have gotten some trust before by their coaches and GMs. Panthers have no reason to overpay or get into a bidding war. They have their #1 in Theo who was a Vezina winner in the past (this argument is as stupid as Luongos numbers from 3-8 years ago ) but he DID help them to make the POs. They also have their #2 signed and a potential future #1 waiting in the AHL. They have absolutly no reason to give up anything of real value for Luongo. The need just isn't as big as giving up one of the best prospects they have and a Top50 prospect in the NHL

The Hawks? They have 2 goalies signed too, would be up against the Cap and have 2 of those LOOOOOONNG Term contracts already. Bowman is a believer in going cheap in net and to stay patient on the trade market until the right deal comes - without taking much risks and overpaying.
for all we know the offer was Bolland+Saad+1st.
again something you came up with. something no Hawks Fan has ever heard before until you posted it 2 days ago. Something we know for sure that this never even was in discussion for Bowman. All 4 Hawks writers turned down that Bowman would trade Bolland away, let alone to the Nucks.
Hawks will not pay what you would want or accept - if they would take him away for free anyway with his contract.

The Leafs are the most logical team to get him, but they will not pay a kings random and they would be over the cap (for all the specualtion we can come up with)

Last but not least, we have some comparable goalie trades. Halak went for a good, not great and as highly touted as Bjugstad IS after a perfect PO run. Varlamov got the Caps a highly projected draft pick that ended up at the postition it was thought it will end up.
or what about the last Luongo trade? Bertuzzi wasn't that same 90 point PWF he once was after all that happened. He was done by that time and the next 2-3 years. He was an upcoming UFA and not worth as much as you think. Allen and Auld weren't that much special and Luongo was 6 years younger without a choker reputation (if it's his fault or not doesn't matter when it comes to reputation [aka once a *****, always a *****]) and a lifetime contract.

In the end, a compareable deal would be Campbell to FLA... good player with bad contract for most teams and limited possible destinations. Hawks got a cap dump back but BC never even asked to be traded.

You expect a return that Luongo won't bring back

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