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10-13-2012, 06:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Tyler McIntosh View Post

Not my article, just read it and thought I would post it for anyone interested...
He absolutely is.... no question about it.

OHL-drafted players generally take the shortest amount of time to reach the NHL, on par with guys from the WHL. Forwards also generally take less time than defencemen, who take less time than goaltenders.

With Kadri, you've got a guy who played three years in the OHL prior to being drafted, and was a top-of-the-lineup guy in 2 of those years. Most high picks only play 2 years, and only end up being a top-of-the-lineup guy in the 2nd year.

The fact that it's been 3 full years since being drafted and he hasn't found a permanent spot is terrible. Playing right after being drafted (like Skinner did) would've been exceeding reasonable expectations, although not as much as Skinner because Kadri had more professional experience. By 2010-2011, the reasonable expectation should've been for him to platoon between the Marlies and Leafs. Likely start his way with the Leafs, go down to the Marlies for a 15-20 game set mid year when he struggles, finish with the Leafs, and have a permanent spot where he's working his way up the lineup in 2011-12.

The fact that he didn't even finish the year with the Leafs, just goes to show you how far he's fallen behind.

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