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10-13-2012, 05:23 PM
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This article is more what the owners want to say than anything else. I would have liked to see some of the ‘facts’ challenged.

First off, while I believe most of what was said, there is more to the story than was reported by the owners. They have not divulged their entire financial operations of their business – even if they are losing money recently, the value of the franchise is increasing and in fact the value of the franchise is the real prize.

Another thing I would really like to challenge is the moving of a franchise to the US – over the past several years it is hard to argue that there hasn’t been a franchise looking for a home out of the Metro Toronto area. So much so, the OHL allowed (asked maybe?) one owner to basically own two teams. Maybe now the Steelheads have a home, but that franchise was available to anyone that wanted it with the proper venue to house it in. The fact is that there have been offers – I have no doubt about that. If I am not mistaken you need OHL approval to move a franchise, it is NOT the decision of the owner. They can refuse to sell to someone that WANTS to move the franchise, but I do believe the ultimate decision is that of the OHL. I have a very hard time believing that the OHL would approve such a move due to the quality of the facility, proximity to other teams and the very good support despite very poor performance.

The real issue here is why is the franchise ‘in trouble’? It is because it is poorly run. PERIOD. Seriously, the parking lot issue typifies their incompetence – on and off the ice. You might argue they have had some bad luck, but their off ice performance has NOTHING to do with bad luck and over 15 plus years, there isn’t a team in the OHL that hasn’t had bad luck at one point or another. Would the Observer print a similar article for a restaurant that wasn’t being supported?

While some might have sympathy, the fact that they don’t admit or realize they have done a poor job is the very reason it won’t improve.

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