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10-13-2012, 06:42 PM
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Originally Posted by RedWings19405 View Post
Ferraro is finally healthy, he looks like a very good bottom six player in the future and will be a big help with his versatility as both a wing and center. Had a good back half of last year and really plays with a ton of energy. He gets it and while he might not be what some hoped on draft night, he has a solid NHL future should the injury issues remain behind him.

On that last line man is that going to be no fun for opponents. Callahan played with even more of a pest quality with Grant around. Have known Grant for a while because I follow the AHL even before the lockout and he is a heavy body and a very good fighter. He landed some big hits and seems to get Aubry and Callahan even more involved physically. Big tough and they run through the opponent on the forecheck. Should the Griffins make the post-season that line will absolutely wear people out over a series. A very good line in my opinion. Sheahan should be playing over Parkes that is about all I had a problem with of who they trotted out last night.
I'm not sure I even want to write off Ferraro as a top 6 guy yet for some reason. I know he hasnt done a lot but I think he can be a complimentary guy up there maybe still. Not going to bet on it or hold my breath though.

The development of Callahan and Aubry will be interesting this year, they looked like solid first year pros and good PKers last year but I want to see more responsibility given to them both.

And I dont think Sheahan is being sat for Parkes, I think Sheahan has a lingering injury. Sheahan played in the NHL last year, Parkes wouldnt be playing over him I dont think. Especially cause Sheahan didnt play a preseason game it has to be an injury

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