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12-06-2003, 07:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Trottier
Crew, can you ask Wanger to set aside maybe $5M of that $265M for an injection of more talent? :p

Common sense would dictate that your scenario comes to pass. For a sensible person, who does not over-react or retreat at the first sign of trouble, knows that you don't give up on a core player after two subpar months. (That assumes that one gives Peca a pass on last season, as he recovered from having his knee shredded. Only a fool wouldn't.)

Some fans and newspaper hacks, and dubious GMs named Mike don't fit that description, but I'm hoping Mr. Wang does.

Short of anything resembling real evidence to the contrary, I'll refrain from believing Peca's a bad guy and a poor leader off the ice. So one is then left with what really should matter: his on-ice performance. Criticism of his play so far this year is fully justified. But so what? Bail on him now? Then suppose the player(s) you receive in return get off to lousy starts? Get rid of them in a couple of months? Yeesh.

Hey, given what you said about the Wang/Peca relationship, maybe MM considers him a threat. Maybe Peca realizes that the best chance this franchise has to improve is by ditching Milbury, and he's willing to force a "me or him" scenario.

Oh to dream.... :p
I think you should really be asking Peca if he really wants to be here anymore. I have thought for a while that he does not and it goes back to this past summer when he was quoted in a Newsday article about the CBA situation that he was already looking to sell his house on Long Island. This from a guy that still has three years left on his contract...and who's to say he would not have been asked to remain even longer.

Even when the Isles were doing well during the first 10 games or so...he looked as if he wanted to have nothing to do with this team. Now that they seem to be falling apart we're lucky if he can even get a good shift in.

I would love nothing more for Peca to stay and try and finish the job he signed-up for. This is what he said when he signed:

I think the unfortunate thing nowadays in professional sports is you don't have players that want to go in and help make a difference. Players want to go into a situation where it is already a winning situation. I think there's a lot more pride and a lot more satisfaction when you can contribute to something and turn it around.
Rite now I think his only goal is to get voted off the Island!!

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