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10-13-2012, 06:58 PM
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You might argue they have had some bad luck, but their off ice performance has NOTHING to do with bad luck and over 15 plus years, there isn’t a team in the OHL that hasn’t had bad luck at one point or another.
I'm sorry, but this statement couldn't be further from the truth. I highly doubt that the Kitchener Rangers or London Knights or Oshawa Generals have been at the level of financial distress, any time in the last 15 years if not longer, than the Sarnia Sting are now.

Listen to what Rob Ciccarelli is saying in that interview. He does a horrible job of contradicting himself by saying "Well, I can tell you that the Sarnia Sting hockey club, outside of the arena, has lost (about) $1.4 million in the last four years, and we can't continue to do that." and "Our goal has always been, and I've always said, our goal is to break even. We don't need the hockey team to make money. We don't need the arena to make money. (We’re striving) to break even." and then turns around, and in the next breath, and says "We are not threatening to move. That's not our intention. If we don't have an owner, we'll own it."

So, what, then? You're going to continue to throw your money away by putting every last dime you have into a fledgling, hugely underachieving hockey team who the most they have done on the ice in the last 5 years is produce 3 or 4 1st Round NHL'ers? Not to mention the fact that your attendence numbers are embarrassing, because for whatever reason, even with producing those NHL 1st Round Draft Picks, you still somehow can't manage to put butts in the seats. (That one absolutely baffles me. You would think, with that kind of prospect development in their organization, they would be selling out every Saturday night). But despite all that, you're going to continue to play the "loyal to the city until the day they tell us they could care less to have a junior hockey team anymore-role" because, by God, even though people can't possibly see how you'll manage to, you're going to find some way to make it work and turn this sinking ship around.

Now, I would bet you 10 to 1 that the fan base of the Kitchener Rangers or London Knights have not once, in the last 15 years, had to go home at the end of the season worried about whether they'll even still have a team in operation to come to the rink and watch the next year. But anyone who currently has a Sarnia Sting jersey hanging in their closet right now? Well, I'd hold on to that puppy if I were you, because it's going to be a collectors item in about 5 years, when the Sarnia Sting have either relocated or folded.

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