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10-13-2012, 10:01 PM
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Originally Posted by LeafsRReady View Post
If you didn't mean "right now" then what was the point of your post. If Grabo wasn't traded right now or soon, how would it open up space for prospects. Were we supposed to debate the merits of trading Grabo 2.5 years from now?

Anyone would reasonably infer that's what you meant and I have no doubt that's what you intended to convey. Now, you're just back tracking.
i never said "now", so there is no such backtracking.

it's not a trick. leaving out certain words wasn't my intent. we talk about hockey. if you can't see past the moment that is not my problem. i am not going to set every parameter just for slow leaf fans. we talk in a general sense. how can i even say "now" when there's no fricken NHL season. there's no now yet! i get the impression that every assessment is based on last year's performance/stats/progress. it's not hard to say "no" based on what they saw from Kadri and Colborne. people say "no" because they love Grabo. that's ok.

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