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Originally Posted by fanofdo View Post
Go back and look at London's record and attendance before the Hunter's bought them. I think 3 wins for the season. I was at that arena more than once that year and there weren't many fans, crappy arena and no light at the end of the tunnel - they ones that were there were worried sick about the franchise. Be glad you didn't bet.

Plenty of additional people went to games to see Stamkos and Yakupov. Again look at the attendance records, there is a spike to compensate the year over year decline in attendance. A decently run team sells consistent season's tickets year to year.
The London Knights did have something prior to that dismal 3-win season in 1995 that the Sarnia Sting are still trying to obtain: an appearance in the OHL Finals. And in the Sting's case, an appearance deep into the playoffs. The Knights also had a loyal fan base prior to that horrid year of 1995 as well. Now, I will admit that that the presence of that loyal fan base was threatened by the poor ownership during the "Spiderknight"/"Knightmare" era. But it was still there. I'm not saying that the Sting don't probably have a very loyal fan base themselves, but I do think it could be even stronger than it is.

You mentioned that the there was no light at the end of the tunnel for the Knights until the Hunters bought the Knights. That's not true. Just 4 short years after that dismal 1995 season, in 1999, the London Knights made it to the OHL Finals. The Hunters bought the Knights a year later in 2000. And obviously, we know the success that has followed since then.

Look at the Sting's history. In 18 years of existence, the Sting have made it past the first round of the playoffs once. And in the last 8 years, the Sting have missed the playoffs entirely in back-to-back seasons on two separate occasions.

You're right when you mention that a decently-run team consistently sells season tickets on a year to year basis. But a decently-run team also consistently sells individual tickets on a game to game basis. A decently-run team consistently makes it out of the first round of the playoffs on a year to year basis. Not to mention shows improvement and progression towards making it to the second round of the playoffs for a couple years, then makes it to the conference finals, then the OHL Finals and ultimately the Memorial Cup. The Sting don't have any prior history of success and they aren't showing any signs of having any "light at the end of the tunnel" soon themselves.

Cicarelli shows us in that interview that can't even manage to efficiently coordinate a parking system.

I don't think he needs help from the city. I think he needs help from another hockey executive or someone else in the front office who can help him juggle all of the "balls" (the ability to coordinate an efficient parking system, the ability to boost attendance numbers by efficiently bringing fans through the turnstiles at the gates each and every home game, managing to ice a team that shows improvement and progress towards making it out of the first round of the playoffs on a consistent basis) that he's got flying up in the air all at once these days.

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