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05-11-2006, 08:59 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeyfan85
Good luck to the Petes in Moncton. They played well and congrats to them.
And congrats to the Knights - Looking forward to seeing more of Mason next year, he was amazing in such a pressure position.

As for the referees - they were an absolute joke. I hate the fact that such an important game (and series) was decided based on their horrible calls. As JrHockeyFan said, even the homer Petes announcers were confused by their calls (on at least 4 occassions they thought a Peterborough penalty was being called and then a London player went to the bench and they often couldn't even figure out why). It was ridiculous!
All the fans want to do is see a good game without the refs horning in. The game was not decided by the refs, but they sure got in the way with a lot of really stupid calls. I really want the games to go back to one ref. One good ref who knows what he is doing and makes consistent calls. Two refs breeds some kind of weird alphonse and gaston routine.

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