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10-13-2012, 10:33 PM
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Originally Posted by htpwn View Post
And then, of course, there's what happened in the Gardens' bathrooms. The most shameful incidents in not only Leaf history but NHL history as well. Ballard may not have been directly involved but does it happen if he offered fair wages to employees (thus attracting better candidates)? Does it happen if he did a background check on who he was hiring? Does it happen if he hired security or spent the money to install a proper surveillance system in the building? The mere fact that it happened under his watch is damning.
Its all him. The perpetrators were his range mates in jail. When they got out and needed a job as ex-cons, it was perfect for Ballard who could nickel and dime them. These people then went and exploited their own "power" on children who attended MLG.

If the Leafs are cursed, its the curse of Martin Kruze.

I'm sure Ballard is looking UP at us all.

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