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05-11-2006, 09:23 PM
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Originally Posted by SwisshockeyAcademy
This is not about Dylan Hunter. leave him out of it. he baited the refs the entire game. Those contact to the head shots were certainly penalties and he was gesturing in a manner that suggested they were not. Just how did Hunter pay for it? His career continued on, and he is now the coach of a high profile OHL team. yes his rep took a beating. It was his conduct on the bench that makes me wonder what goes on behind closed doors. Those two penalties were definitely head shots.
Leave Dylan out of it? So you fret about Dale coach "impressionable young men" but I can't mention that one of those young men who happens to have been raised and coached by him?

How did he pay for it? He got a long suspension with the loss of pay that went with it. Whether it was long enough will always be debatable, but what do you have in mind? The death penalty?

As for being the coach of a "high profile team". How about acknowledging that the Hunter brothers have done a good job finding and training these guys to play well enough to be a high profile team. A team they also happen to own. The man is good at coaching and been very innovative.

So what if he is animated behind the bench? And as for the "head shots" comment, what are you talking about? You are being pretty selective in your choice of seeing these head shots I think. The bigger team of the two is Peterborough, and there were plenty of examples on their part too. Behind closed doors??? Are you Oliver Stone or what?

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