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10-14-2012, 12:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Canadian91 View Post
Didn't realise that they didn't do it in other places, but I'm just accustomed to this rule I guess.

They should give some more time between games I agree. It's not fun for the losing team that gets curfewed. It also gives people reasons to stall and slither away with a cheap win, as you've all seen happen in this situation.

It's gotten so bad that they're actually starting to call games during the middle of play in the Rep B league. Up until now they've at least waited until a stoppage of play.
It is the same thing in Quebec. Single-letter games finish at :50 or :20 no matter what. Double-letter games however are always finished.

They will also usually buzzer you in the middle of a play as well. As soon as it hits :50, the game is over no matter what.

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