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10-14-2012, 02:04 AM
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Originally Posted by newfy View Post
One thing that really pissed me off was guys like Andersson and Pare shooting in the shootout tonight when Jurco and even Ferraro were sitting on the bench. Jurco might have the best hands of any prospect in the world, hes sitting on your bench and you dont use him in favour of a guy like Andersson who has more of a grinder skill set? come on blashill
Agree with the shootout comment and remember all of us discussing it on redwingslive. Just a headscratcher out of Blashill. From what I could tell the ice was pretty chippy at the end for deke type players all of them seemed to struggle on both sides that went for the fancy moves. The part that had me angry was like you said the lack of Ferraro in that situation. Now maybe you have to hand over your five before, not totally clear on that role.

But if the idea was to have someone bear down on the goalie with speed and fire it like Pare and Andersson tried after the failed dekes Ferraro and Sheahan are the best options at that or even a guy like Parkes. Think he got caught rewarding a couple guys that have scored goals early in the season and not viewing it as just a pure talent event.

Blashill is a good coach in my opinion and right for this team. But there are going to be some growing pains. Structurally they have looked slightly better than last year although the defensive breakdowns are troubling. However both special teams units have looked good and you can see the plans on how to improve the team. He is going to have to find an answer on freeing up the middle of the ice though. They really struggled to get the puck going up the middle and into the dangerous areas. They get a little to carried away with the wide drive and a little predictable. I would like to see more space but some of the guys are knocking off the rust. Hoping for improvement there. I like the centers on this team but they didn't have a great night. Griffins need more net drive not always for the puck but just to push the defense around a little more.

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