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Originally Posted by Hackett View Post
Their nhl affiliate is Detroit. The fans sing that song at the Joe and its been a tradition there for a while... I assume that tradition trickled down to the Griffins.

As for St-Denis, I liked his instincts last year at the nhl level. He showed steadiness at the backend, and even showed smarts at the other end of the ice, reading plays, jumping into lanes, and creating turnovers.... he reminded a little bit of stephane robidas when he just stepped into the league.

The 2 big issues for St Denis are:

a) The numbers game
b) the D is already a bit soft with kaberle, weber, and diaz in the mix. Habs need a different type of D-man.

I think they we're a little sloppy in their own zone and the PP was abysmal for the most part but I actually thought they'd do a lot worse.

I was really in shock at how well Pateryn can move the puck. I missed about half the game so I didn't see much of his physicality but he reminds me of Emelin who similarly has underrated skating and stick-handling for a stay at home D.

I'm cautiously optimistic about Beaulieu (a notch more negative than that more accurately). He did look good but there's something about him that makes me second guess whether he's a legit blue-chipper but it's really hard to put my finger on the reason why.

At this moment, Gallagher looks to be the only one who can be a potential star. Not knocking the other guys (haven't been this many potential NHLers in Hamilton since I don't know when) Gallagher just seems to have that level of dynamism(?) that can translate into a star player.

Holland has a nice set of mitts but he could be a victim of the #s game as well. He really has to pole vault over a lot of depth but I like what I see.

I'd like to see Avtsin get a chance with Naatinen and Leblanc on a 3rd line. It's puzzling that Avtsin hasn't seem to put on any weight since he's been drafted. You'd think he'd be well over 200 lbs by now. Maybe both his game and physique piqued in his draft year.

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