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10-14-2012, 02:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Disgruntled Observer View Post
He's the highest paid nhl gm in all of world history.
He has been able to spend up to 15 million dollars more on his players than a substantial amount of his competition.
He has the highest paid front office and scouting department in the nhl.


His team's have finished bottom 10 four years in a row. Bottom 5 twice. We're devoid of elite talent, other than Kessel (but he costs a 2nd overall and 9th overall... ANY gm ever in the history of the world could get AT LEAST as good of a star at that price).

We have two unproven goalies... only have one center that even deserves to be in the nhl (who was arguably overpaid recently).
Our defense looks solid. Not spectacular. But solid.
Burke has done such a bad job at every other position, that the fact that our defense looks "solid" is seen as a great accomplishment.

If Burke's reign of terror thus far is seen as worthy of extension... then what on earth can be seen as failure?
If you finish bottom 10 four years in a row, of course your prospects will be marginally better. That's the same for ANY gm... let alone the highest paid in all of world history...

So what would be a "failure"?
Because I would call "failure" finishing bottom 10 four times in a row.. twice not even having first round ****ing picks... unproven goaltending... lack of number 1 center... little toughness... bottom 5 goals against in the league... and on and on and on we go.
Are these not "failures"? If those examples aren't failures, then what on earth IS FAILURE?
There's no way Burke should be extended.
In fact, he should have been fired ages ago...
your way of thinking is wrong. you look at the past four years and say what has he done, forgetting what he started with. it isnt easy being a gm in this league you must pick your spots. Edmonton should have fired everyone seeing as they were bottom 2 the past 3 years. He started with crap and moved us into mediocrity, i give him credit for that. Would any other gm be able to pick his spot to acquire Phaneuf,Lupul Gardiner, all while riding rediculous contracts like blake,Toskala and the one Stajan wanted.

Yes we have failed as anything outside of post season is a fail, but you can`t expect him to build a cup contender in 3 years with what he started with. this takes time, cool you jets,give him 1 year, if we are still bottom 5-10 then he is in jeopardy,

Burkes team is starting to come into play with Kadri being close, all his picks are starting to come into shape and trades are paying off.

What did you expect he comes in and we draft a whole bunch of Jeff Skinners and John Tavares, he cant make a trade with himself

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