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10-14-2012, 05:13 AM
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Originally Posted by DyerMaker66 View Post
He's not at all (Using 2011-12 Teams): LA, Montreal, Nashville, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Calgary, Carolina, Boston (with or without Thomas), Vancouver, St. Louis (1 and 2), Winnipeg, Phoenix, Detroit, Anaheim, Winnipeg, Ottawa, NYR, Dallas, Minnesota,
San Jose.

Teams I start him on: Toronto, Edmonton, Philly, Columbus, Washington, Colorado, Tampa Bay, Islanders, Florida.

Toss-up (go with the hot goaltender): Chicago.

That puts him at about 20th.
So you put Lou lower than Smith who in Tampa (as a fan/homer) was sub-par, Hiller who hasn't done much for them, Pavelec who didn't bring them in the play offs, Anderson who has been waived multiple times, Kipper who is probably equal too or less accomplished over Lou?

All I sense is malice on your end. I am not a Canuck fan, or even a Lou fan at that. Check my previous posts, but seriously your assessment is ridiculous. Lou on 20+ teams in the league makes them better, no questions asked. Whether they are willing to give up whatever Gillis asks is a question all on it's own. But it doesn't take away from the fact that he is still an elite goalie today.

I have seen some dumb crap on HF, from proposals (not going to name names due to the fact the ban hammer will come to me if I name names. [DTMB, SF, MMDK, etc...]) to assessments, but your blind hatred seems to take the cake. I will say this is my 2 cents and everything is subjective but come on man (if you are woman, I apologize for assuming you are a man.).

EDIT: As my 1000th post I would also like to add... Testicles... That is all.

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