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05-11-2006, 09:40 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeyfan85
Hunter has been voted coach of the year twice in a row, so all those people were wrong? Coaches have many different styles, as though there aren't NHL coaches who do worse? I'd much rather see someone sarcastically make a "dive" motion to the refs than have someone like Gretzky screaming the F word in front of all those kids watching every night.

As for the refs, I do think they played a deciding factor in the game. Not as much by the 3rd period, but definitely in the 1st. Two of the PPGs by Peterborough were scored on questionable penalty calls. And I don't mean it all one-sided either, I agree, Perry should have been called, and other occassions too.
By signalling dive he is giving his team the impression that shots to the head are ok. No problem. gretzky flying off the handle happens every game and could be over a hook at center ice. I am targeting Hunter's attitude towards contact to the head. It is what is causing the most damage in hockey.

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