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Originally Posted by cmdevisser View Post
Well here is an open question posed to followers of Swedish hockey (especially Ola, whose informative, even if generally negative assessments are always good to read)--why is Fasth considered to be such a better offensive prospect than Lindberg.

Keep in mind that I know very little about either prospect outside of what I have read here on hf and the occasional highlight clip so I'm asking out of genuine curiosity.
Maybe we should revisit that idea considering how he is playing now?

But to compare Lindbergs offensive game with Fasth's, I would use an analogy comparing Marc Staal's offensive game to MDZ's maybe. IE Staal can make great plays, but he is definitely not a "natural" 6th sense type of off wiz. And usually, only THE best offensive players in the SEL can produce in the NHL. It's important to remember that Fasth isn't either an offensive wiz. He is definitely not either in say the Zucc mold. But he is more of an offensive minded high energy winger. I could see Fasth becoming like a Filpulla/Straka-mix type of player. Lindberg is harder to pinn down. I doubt there is a better place for him to be in the world right now. He seems to be coming along by each game. It's hard to speculate on where that will end. To put it like this, from a league where only Crosby, AO and Malkin can take it to the next step and become stars, Oscar Lindberg is playing like E Staal and Fasth as Stamkos...

I am a little cautious, but cosidering his stats, expectations on someone like Lindberg could go rampard. Many have seen him in like rookie camp, and knows that he isn't elite in that sense. But others could get the wrong impression. I don't necessary think Lindberg is much better than someone like Johan Harju who had a similar break out for Luleň and then failed to have a impact for Tampa.

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