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10-14-2012, 07:27 AM
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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post

Both sides have proposals or ideas.

Can't wait for the day when these columns/articles are no longer written. That includes the pro-NHL,pro-NHLPA and everyone in between.

Brooks feels an offer will put pressure on the hawks to make a deal. The more pro-play and more moderate owners will pressure Bettman and the hawks to cut a deal. Do those forces want to a make a deal or do they want to WIN the negotiation? Smoke them out. Bill Daly said last week the NHL doesn't want to WIN the talks. Just make a deal. The NHL will have to back off demanding the players taking immediate cuts and losing 12%-17% of their salaries in escrow.

The PA's revenue sharing plan is better than the NHL's proposed revenue sharing plan. Those teams will receive more money in the PA plan. You better believe they want the $240M plan instead of the $190M plan. The big market teams don't want the $240M plan. The NHL plan is funded by the players through escrow. The NHLPA wants the owners to fund the revenue sharing with no increased escrow or rollbacks. Creates a split between the big market and small market teams.
I'm confused about "honor all existing contracts". Does that mean the players won't accept any escrow whatsoever? Or does it mean that players want every current contract to be guaranteed (i.e. no reducing bonuses along with escrow)?

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