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10-14-2012, 08:50 AM
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Originally Posted by pb1300 View Post
I am getting the same crap here. Men are classified from G1 to G5, with G1 being standard duty, to G5 being dismissed because of health issues. I read online that if you have a heart condition, asthma, flat feet, and some other things, you can get a G5 rating, and not have to go. Well, I had SVT, which is heart related, have asthma, and have flat feet, so I need to figure out the proper paperwork because I got a year delay from the military, and that year ends in five months. Its ridiculous that a 34 year old with these types of conditions, needs to go to the military for six months. Hopefully we can figure something out.
If you are US citizen, then serving in foreign military might create some issues later on.


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